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Social Selling Programs Are Doomed To Fail Without Executive Buy-In

Leadership Mistake Social Selling

After rolling out 250 client engagements, there’s no question in my mind that leaders are facing a fundamental problem with adopting a Social Selling program. And it’s a problem that has lasted through every training program since Xerox launched in the 1960s!

There aren’t any sexy tips or complex models in this blog because the problem is quite simple: the biggest mistake leadership makes is not creating a culture of full leadership buy-in and accountability for the way the sales team will be selling in the future.

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Don’t Leave it On The Shelf: 3 Fresh Approaches to Repurposing Your Old Assets


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#DigitalGrowthCon: How To Build A High Performing Sales Organizations [Keynote Video]

High Performance Sales Organizations

“The customer is far more disruptive than anything technology can do to our business than we’ve ever seen before.”


Regardless of what has worked in the past, the unintended consequences of both technology advancement and buyer behavior is wreaking havoc on sales organizations. Whether you have a small sales force or a highly complex go to market strategy, there is no avoiding the reality that how we sell has forever changed.

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Only 20% Of Salespeople Engage Buyers With Content [New Data]

Content Sharing Sales

How often does your sales team share content?

We wanted to find out the answer to this so we decided to conduct research that tests the assumption many content marketers have, which is that sales teams will naturally share content.

However, what we found out was that our findings proved otherwise.

Since the technology industry claims to be the most cutting-edge, we set out out to conduct audits on sales professionals sharing content within some of the top global companies.

And what we found isn’t pretty. Let’s get right to it, here are the findings.

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eBook: The New Role Of Sales Enablement


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Executive Panel: How To Turn Your Core Performers Into Top Performers

Executive Panel

The main thing that keeps sales leaders up at night is quota attainment which is one of the biggest challenges for them. The TAS Group has found that a staggering 67% of all salespeople miss quota and this can be due to the uneven distribution of talent within sales teams.

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Selling in 2016 – How To Turn Your Core Performers Into Top Performers

Selling in 2016

The reality is that 10-20% of your sales team is probably making up 80% of your organization’s revenue. In addition to this, the TAS Group found that 2/3 of all sales people miss quota!
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How To Avoid The Pitfalls Of A Single-Threaded Sales Approach

Are you losing valuable deals because your account relationships are single-threaded?

This happened to one of our clients, a large publishing company. The client came to us last year and told us they had lost a $1 million client because they were single-threaded. They said that if we could train their sales team on how to avoid that pitfall and prevent such a loss from happening again, our program will have paid for itself many times over.

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Executive Panel: Selling in 2016 – How To Turn Your Core Performers Into Top Performers


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The Death Of Cold Calling: 16 Stats That Prove It [Infographic]

Cold calling, you hate making them and buyers hate receiving them. So why do many sales professionals still consistently perform cold outreaches? Only a slither of calls (1% to be exact) actually convert to meetings. Many B2B organizations still try to sail their ship under stormy conditions.