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How Content Transforms Salespeople And Influences Buyers [With Visuals]

Does your sales team understand your content strategy? Chances are the answer is a resounding “No.” And you’re not alone. Recent research from Richardson, a Philadelphia-based sales training consulting firm says that there is a disconnect between the content that marketing produces and the needs that sales reps have to advance sales opportunities.

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How Organizations are Leveraging Content Across the Buyer Journey


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I Didn’t Know Social Selling Would Help Me With This

As we know, social selling can help salespeople build pipeline and revenue, however, from personal experience I’ve learned that social can help with hiring talent too.

Digital is changing the way progressive companies are attracting talent. Modern companies who have taken the plunge into digital and social have increased their ability to:

1. Attract the right talent, and 2. Retrain talent through various platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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Content Roundup: Account-Based Marketing Secrets


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Social Selling Key Trends: The Year Of Massive Adoption [New Research & ViDEO]

Social Selling Massive AdoptionAs sales and marketing evolve, more teams are recognizing the importance of social selling. Where are we in this evolution and what trends have emerged? What practices should you be adopting today to stay ahead of the competition? Discover how your peers are embracing social selling and driving results, and how you can seize this opportunity to gain an edge.

Key trends:
  • Top performers spend 25% more time on research and preparation.
  • Top sales and marketing pros send 148% more connection requests and share 23% more content.
  • Social selling behavior leads to a 2X increase in sales performance through new clients, meetings secured and opportunities generated.
  • Social selling adoption is higher amongst older sales professionals: 27% are over 30 years old, 33% in 30-45yo and 34% in 45+ yo.

Watch Justin Shriber, the Head of Marketing for LinkedIn Sales Solution speak about how social selling drives massive results in 2016.

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The One Tool You Need to Close the Gap Between Sales & Marketing


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The Millennial Force Awakens: How To Manage Young Sales Pros [Infographic]

How To Manage Young Sales Pros

A long time ago in a galaxy very, very close, Baby Boomers were once the dominant force in the working galaxy. But with a turn of events, Forrester Research says a new force called The Millennials have awakened as the nation’s largest living generation.

Key Takeaways:
  • 3/4 of Millennials have an account on a social networking site and 83% place their cell phones right next to their beds while sleeping at night. (Click to Tweet)

  • Interview subjects revealed that maintaining eye contact during customer interactions can be difficult for some Millennials and that basic relationship building skills are lacking. (Click to Tweet)

  • They learn best by doing rather than spending hours in the classroom going over concepts and procedures. (Click to Tweet)

This new force is now taking on many sales roles from inside, field and sales management positions. With this change comes a new way of engaging and managing the Millennials. This shifting workforce presents a new attitude towards technology and the workplace. So how do you manage and train them so they don’t fall to the dark side?

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26.5 Stats About The State Of Sales And Marketing In 2016

Eye-opening insights to help you strategize for the months to come.

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What We Learned From Publishing (and Analyzing) 1,000 Blog Posts


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How To Use A Multi-Touch Strategy To Engage Buyers On LinkedIn

Engage Buyers On LinkedIn with A Multi Touch Strategy

Using social media to reach out to buyers is extremely effective. But most sales professionals aren’t leveraging social properly. In fact, I’m seeing a huge issue when sales pros use not only LinkedIn, but all social platforms. Here’s the problem: the average salesperson makes only two attempts to reach a prospect, and they forget about the importance of a multi-touch approach.