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More Than Pajamas: 7 Ways to Upcycle Your Old Marketing Conference T-Shirts

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16 Stats That Prove The Demise Of Cold Calling

Cold Calling Phone

Come in from the cold. All you are going to catch out there is a chill. Cold calling, cold emails, email blasts, door-to-door sales, etc., are going away for good. Traditional tactics like these may have been the defining features of sales for as long as you can remember, but society is finally getting ready to retire them.

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List-Based Post [Blogging Blueprint]


The list post is one of the most popular and readable blog formats on the web. It is composed of — you guessed it — a list, and includes short explanatory paragraphs about each item.

Use your introduction as a way to tell the reader how this collection of ideas will help them. Keep it light by including a personal story. If you have any data that you can include relating to your list, include that in your introduction, too.

Here are some examples of how we use list blog posts here at HubSpot:

  • The 7 Worst Types of Headlines (And How to Fix Them)
  • 5 Major Challenges Marketers Face (And How to Solve Them)
  • The Top 10 Qualities of High-Quality List Posts
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    Why 67% of Sales Pros Don’t Hit Quota (And How Social Selling Can Help)

    In a recent study conducted by the TAS Group, it was revealed that 67% of sales professionals don’t meet their quotas.

    This is a scary proposition for sales professionals and company leadership as growth is so central to a company’s strategy. How is this happening? And, what is the result of this trend?

    First things first, although we can’t draw direct correlations to the following, it does make one wonder why sales professionals and sales leadership have an average lifespan of a few years at any given company. I’m sure this is a mixture of people not meeting quota but also the modern day reality of wanting to try new things and experiment with our careers. But it does make you wonder if people are being let go or leave because they don’t see the opportunity to make quota.

    However, when we take a look at the reasons for why this trend of not meeting quota persists, a few stick out the most.

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    The Business Case For Hiring More Women In Sales [Infographic]

    In many ways, things are getting better for women in the workplace. They make up nearly half of the US workforce at 47%, according to the most recent data, and 51% of people employed in management and professional jobs.

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    Grade My Stack: A New Tool for Analyzing Your Content Marketing Software


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    A Daily LinkedIn Sales Navigator Routine For Your Sales Team

    As an Outbound Enterprise SDR trying to break into target accounts, I am using LinkedIn Navigator on a daily basis for identifying prospects and engaging them with the goal of taking the conversation offline to secure a discovery call. With the right training and support, you can effectively use LinkedIn Sales Navigator as part of your routine.

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    Content Roundup: SEO Tips, Tricks, and Trends


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    7 Lucky Traits Of A Modern Sales Professional

    Recently Forrester Research stated that within the next four years, 22% of all B2B sales roles will be gone. As a sales leader, there may be a sense of angst when that is said or that you’re losing your luck.

    We all know that the speed of technology is dramatically changing our lives and is reshaping the world of sales (and many others). For example, in the last few decades, remote or inside sales jobs have grown 16X faster than field sales roles. With this, your sales team will need to ensure a massive change. Why? Well, today 57% of the buyer’s journey is completed without the buyer even talking to you. This sales evolution isn’t slowing down either. What’s next?

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    No More Cold Calls: Are They Effective For Sales? [Infographic]

    “I love it when I receive cold calls.” – said nobody.

    The numbers don’t lie, less than 2% of cold calls actually result in a meeting. As buyers continue to go online to perform their research, cold calls just continually drop in effectiveness. The modern buyer is social and digital savvy, this presents them with the power of information. That’s why content helps solve your buyer’s challenges with the right insights.

    Check out this infographic below by SAP and you should replace cold calling with content.