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The 7-Step Gameplan To Get Leadership Buy-In For Social Selling

7 Steps to Get Leadership

Getting a social selling program started is turning out to be a tough sell for many “change agents” within companies. While size and vertical of the company doesn’t seem to be a factor, maturity of their market certainly does. We know this after speaking with, literally, thousands of people across the world.

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5 Common Mistakes Sales Leaders Make On LinkedIn (And How To Fix Them)

Mistakes Sales Leaders Make on LinkedIn

“Why isn’t it working?” That’s a question you often hear in training, especially when someone is starting to test the limits of a new skill that he or she just learned. Social selling is no exception. This new approach to dealing with buyers takes time, practice and repeated course corrections. Similar to their teams, sales leaders should lead by example and adopt the same prescriptive routine that their team is supposed to follow.

The following are some of the most common mistakes that sales leaders make on LinkedIn, along with some ideas on how to turn them around. Do the opposite and you’ll see significant gains in your results for connections, leads and long-term revenue. Make sure that you share this list with your direct reports as well because there’s a good chance that they are encountering the same roadblocks.

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4 Stats That Prove It’s Not a Sales Funnel, It’s a Buyer’s Journey




1. Content timing is critical for moving buyers along the path.

Forrester reported that one-third of B2B marketers acknowledge that their biggest problem is figuring out how to serve up the appropriate content to specific buyers when the time is right. The funnel metaphor just doesn’t hold up in this new reality.