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The 2016 B2B Marketing Trends Forecast [Infographic]


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Sales Coaching Simplified: 3 Indicators Of Effective Social Selling

3 Indicators of Effective Social Selling“The harsh truth is that those in sales and sales leadership who understand and master the basics thrive, and those who ignore them perpetually struggle.” – Mike Weinberg

I’m in the middle of listening to an incredible book right now called Sales Management Simplified by Mike Weinberg. It’s about sales coaching and training development, and how you as a sales leader can create true accountability for your sales team. If you’re trying to incorporate Social Selling into your business, as a Regional Vice Presidents (RVP), how can you coach your team on Social Selling?

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Webinar: Where Does Social Selling Fit In Your Sales Process? With

Thursday, January 28th 12:00 PM PST

Featuring Jamie Shanks, CEO of Sales for Life, and Gabe Larsen, Director of Sales Acceleration Services at

Social Selling brings value to every stage of the buyer’s journey, but many companies struggle to see how these tactics are applied throughout the process. From lead generation to prospect nurturing and closing deals, this session will provide tactics that can be applied at every stage of the sales process.


I’m Sorry, Content Marketers, But Your CMS Won’t Cut It


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5 Key Tips On How To Prospect In LinkedIn Groups

Social Selling is a hot topic, and many sales & marketing leaders are considering it, but often don’t know where to start. Alignment between sales & marketing departments causes for top of the funnel growth potential. Your marketing department is creating content for your salespeople to share, but you are unclear of where your sales people should start prospecting.

Where should your salespeople start prospecting on social?

On LinkedIn Groups!

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For A Picture Perfect LinkedIn Profile [Infographic]

There are great LinkedIn profiles and there are perfect ones. Especially important for social sellers, your profile should not be viewed as a resume, instead as a digital business card for your prospects. When done correctly, your LinkedIn profile can help your buyers understand who you are while they’re online doing their research.

You may already have a great LinkedIn profile but how do you make it even better? Check out the infographic below by Leasurejobs on how to create a picture perfect profile on LinkedIn.


How to Leverage Storytelling for B2B Lead Generation


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How To Multiply Conversations With Buyers Through Employee Advocacy

Do you want to grow your business faster? Don’t answer that. Of course you do. The real question is: why aren’t you looking deeper into employee advocacy? The Hinge Research Institute found that high growth firms were more than twice as likely to use employee advocacy to hit their revenue targets.

This is where you probably want to say, “Slow down. What’s employee advocacy?” Just asking that question puts you ahead of 30 percent of your competitors, according to the Hinge report. For marketing, it’s an effective way to increase content reach and engagement but your sales teams , this is crucial for building credibility, authority and thought leadership online. We all know the statistic already but 74% of today’s B2B buyers conduct more than half of their research online before making a purchase.

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Creating Content That Sells: Two Key Considerations

Creating Content That Sells

Organizations who align content to the buyer’s journey understand that this is not only a competitive advantage but that content addresses buyer interests and challenges. It helps answer what your buyers want, where they want it and when they’re ready for it. Aligning content to marketing/sales funnel stages is the most widely adopted practice among Best-In-Class marketing teams according to Aberdeen Research. This is to ensure revenue can be attributed to their content marketing efforts.

So marketers, I have a very important question to ask you: do you know if your content is generating revenue for your business? Particularly if you’re about to launch a new initiative to scale content production, you need to pause and evaluate the limitations and opportunities of your current insights factory.

Ask yourself:

  • At what level are you producing content today?
  • Of all your efforts, what is truly trickling down to the Demand Gen waterfall to create net new customers?
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Why LinkedIn Sales Navigator Alone Is Not The Answer To Social Selling

If you make sports a part of your social life, then you know all about the sweet spot. On a bat, a club or a racket, it’s that area right in the center of the hitting surface where minimal effort delivers maximum impact. Overpower it, and you lose control of the shot. Miss the sweet spot, and you waste your strength. It takes a combination of the right skill with the right tool to hit it out of the park, sink a hole in one or drop a three-pointer.

For Social Selling, LinkedIn is an excellent tool, but you need to find the sweet spot. LinkedIn Sales Navigator can be a powerful addition to your game, but you’ve got to know when to use it. Until you perfect your balance and your swing, overpowering the ball isn’t going to deliver success with anything like precision. In the same way, Social Selling success requires that you nail down the people and the process before you start deploying the technology.