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Creating Content That Sells: Two Key Considerations

Creating Content That Sells

Organizations who align content to the buyer’s journey understand that this is not only a competitive advantage but that content addresses buyer interests and challenges. It helps answer what your buyers want, where they want it and when they’re ready for it. Aligning content to marketing/sales funnel stages is the most widely adopted practice among Best-In-Class marketing teams according to Aberdeen Research. This is to ensure revenue can be attributed to their content marketing efforts.

So marketers, I have a very important question to ask you: do you know if your content is generating revenue for your business? Particularly if you’re about to launch a new initiative to scale content production, you need to pause and evaluate the limitations and opportunities of your current insights factory.

Ask yourself:

  • At what level are you producing content today?
  • Of all your efforts, what is truly trickling down to the Demand Gen waterfall to create net new customers?
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Why LinkedIn Sales Navigator Alone Is Not The Answer To Social Selling

If you make sports a part of your social life, then you know all about the sweet spot. On a bat, a club or a racket, it’s that area right in the center of the hitting surface where minimal effort delivers maximum impact. Overpower it, and you lose control of the shot. Miss the sweet spot, and you waste your strength. It takes a combination of the right skill with the right tool to hit it out of the park, sink a hole in one or drop a three-pointer.

For Social Selling, LinkedIn is an excellent tool, but you need to find the sweet spot. LinkedIn Sales Navigator can be a powerful addition to your game, but you’ve got to know when to use it. Until you perfect your balance and your swing, overpowering the ball isn’t going to deliver success with anything like precision. In the same way, Social Selling success requires that you nail down the people and the process before you start deploying the technology.


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