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Hillary Clinton on LinkedIn? At Sales for Life you’ve heard us talk about the necessity for optimizing your LinkedIn Profiles to be more buyer-centric. Sales, HR, Marketing, Technology, Operations, Executives, and more, all professionals can convey expertise. And believe me folks, we all have buyers. Somehow, some way, we’re all selling something at all times. Hillary Clinton is on LinkedIn to demonstrate exactly this. She’s online because her buyers (voters) are. And her LinkedIn Profile demonstrates that she supports working professionals and has their interests in mind. Without further delay my friends, here are the 3 key takeaways from Hillary Clinton’s LinkedIn Profile.

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What You Can Learn From Hillary Clinton’s LinkedIn Profile [Video]

Hillary ClintonSocial media is the ultimate level playing field. Instead of dominant voices, the evolution of social media proliferation has democratized the communications process. Ideas can’t be stopped and are capable of changing people, societies, governments and more.