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10 Social Selling Truths You Can’t Ignore

10 SOCIAL SELLING TRUTHS YOU CAN'T IGNORESelling’s always been a social pursuit, but social selling has taken the place of old-fashioned backslapping in today’s business. Social selling involves creating a brand for yourself and promoting that brand on various social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Some people shine at social selling, so instead of reinventing the wheel, heed some advice from these top 10 social selling nuggets of wisdom:

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4 Simple Reasons Why Sales Reps Should be Chief Listening Officers [Video]

Here’s a novel concept: let’s listen to our buyers!

From the day we contemplated joining the sales profession right down to today, our Managers, Directors and VP’s have always emphasized the importance of listening. “Get to know your buyers”, we’ve heard. And “Know their likes and dislikes” and even “get to know them personally”.

And how about these catchy phrases?

“Listen more. Talk less.” Or how about “You’ve got 2 ears and 1 mouth. Listen twice as much as you speak.”?

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5 Ways to Generate Content Ideas For Your Social Selling Strategy

Your job as a sales rep in the age of social selling begins with publishing great content. Customers want to buy from reputable businesses that provide value right from the very first contact, making content for sales reps an important part of your sales strategy. To help you maintain a sharp edge on your inspiration, we’ve put together five tips on how to generate sticky, attention-getting content.

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What Does A Top Marketing Executive Say About Being Socially Engaged?

Meet Magdalena Kotek, Global Marketing Leader at Global Financial Solutions @ GE Capital. Magdalena, Jill Rowley, and I were having a beer at a fabulous restaurant in the Bund district of Shanghai, China, two weeks ago. We were there for a project with GE.

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The ONE Asset That Matters MOST To Our Buyers [Video]

You’ve read the headline, it makes a bold claim. And I’m here to back it up.

Our time is the only asset that matters most. We want more of it, but most of us just want better control of it. In a world of infinite content sources, distractions, toys and noise, all we want is our time.

Why? Because we’re being yanked in 18 directions in every single moment! We are, single-handedly, the most information-driven generation in the history of human civilization.

Check out this video to see what I’m talking about.

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How To Prospect On LinkedIn In 20 Minutes A Day [Infographic]

Your LinkedIn success does not depend on the exact amount of time you spend on the platform. The key is how you spend your time and the quality of your network and Groups.

Salesforce Canada just released an very practical infographic titled the “The Minimalist’s Guide to Sales Prospecting on LinkedIn”; which includes 10 tips and tricks to leverage LinkedIn as a prospecting tool. The best part is you only need to spend a maximum of 20 minutes a day. See below!

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What Is The Double Whammy Of Sales? [Video]

I’ve called this post the “Double Whammy” but it can also be called a paradox or dichotomy.

So what’s the double whammy? It’s that customers are sick and tired of being cold called and sales reps are equally as exhausted when asked to cold call. Do we still have to do it? Yes, we do.

Check out this quick video to see what I’m talking about.

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Content Curation For Sales: How To Find Content That Buyers Love

As a sales rep or sales manager, you know that finding relevant content is essential to enable your Social Selling process. Without it, your activity as a sales reps is limited to pitches and conversations with little to no value. Unfortunately, finding relevant content to share every day takes time, and when you do find it, it’s often difficult to get it organized. That’s where content curation comes in. These are a few concepts and tips to ensure that your content cupboard is never empty and that you stay available as a valuable resource to your buyers.

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10 Practical Tips to Kick Start Your Social Selling Efforts In 2015 [Video]

With 2015 firmly upon us, an increasing number of sales professionals around the world will start to study social selling as a way to find, educate and engage with buyers.

Here is a list of 10 practical tips you can use to get started on your journey. You don’t have to turn into a world-class social seller overnight; you can start slow. Without further ado, let’s jump in!