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3 Ways Not To “Pitch” When Social Selling

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I read this great blog the other day by Barbara Giamanco and she mentioned a term that I instantly loved, the feature dump.

It got me thinking about how sales professionals routinely fall into the trap of giving a speech about the features of our products and services (with a smattering of benefits). And as you start using social media more as a part of your sales routine, there are some ways you shouldn’t pitch.

Blog Sales Advice Social Selling

The Key Elements Of A Successful Social Selling Routine

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Whenever we hear the word routine, our thoughts immediately turn to something that is dull, monotonous, or tedious.

Establishing a routine, or habit, for Social Selling, however, can be quite the opposite.

Is your Social Selling routine mundane or moving? Are you seeing the advantages of time vs. effort?

As the Social Selling revolution continues to captivate the sales industry, the most productive and forward-thinking sales representatives utilize social media to connect and capture more business than ever previously imagined.

Here are four elements of a Social Selling routine that are essential for successful sales professionals to embrace.