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Social Selling In 60 Seconds: How Long Does It Take To Monetize A LinkedIn Connection?

Fast Social Selling

It can be longer than you think! But that’s also a great thing… and that can translate into “Blue Bird” deals flying into the window when you least expect it.

In his book Delivering Happiness, Tony Hsieh @ Zappo’s has spoken about a 2 year rule. Many of the relationships that he forms today, can take up to 2 years to materialize.

What does this mean for you? It’s time to start forming these social relationships now, so that your content can educate and inform these buyers for 2015 and beyond.

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The Social Selling FAQs Series: Metrics

Social Selling Faqs
Welcome to The Social Selling Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) series. Each post in this series is going to focus on answering questions around one particular aspect of Social Selling.

The focus of this post will be: Social Selling Metrics. Below is a list of common questions our team at Sales for Life gets asked about metrics. If you have additional questions on this topic that you’d like to have answered which you don’t see below, please feel free to ask them via the comment box provided.

And now with out further ado, here are the Social Selling FAQs for Metrics:

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Vanity Metrics vs. Real Social Selling KPIs – Avoiding Fool’s Gold

One should never establish any program or initiative unless the outcome can be measured. But, what happens when the metric is unreliable?

Social Selling Analytics

A common challenge facing industry professionals today is measuring the ROI of social media. Unfortunately, conventionally accepted methods rely upon faulty logic and reasoning and ultimately provide nothing of true value.

Metrics must have substance and should actually yield useful data that benchmark a specific result or action. Otherwise, your yardstick is nothing more than fool’s gold, which led to the ruin of many well-intentioned prospectors during the US gold rush of the mid-1800s.

Don’t make the same mistake by utilizing today’s social media iron pyrite: vanity metrics.

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4 Expert Tips That Will Make You A Better Social Seller

Expert Tips

To stay ahead in today’s competitive market, you have to be creative. We’ve found that virtual events, which assemble a group of industry experts to share wisdom and best practices on certain topics, are highly effective and a lot of fun.

We thought it would be useful to share some of the best sales tips from the last Sales Acceleration Technology Summit, which featured notable sales leaders such as Art Sobczak, Neal Murphy, Ken Krogue, and Jamie Shanks.

Here are some tips from their presentations:

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D2L & Sales for Life: Engaging Your Salesforce to Drive Results

Drive Results

D2L and Sales for Life have teamed up to provide an innovative and engaging Social Selling training program. Using the Brightspace platform and Sales for Life’s proven methodology, the team is now able to deliver a blended learning model to sales organizations that will help them create the most engaging and effective experience.

Learn more by joining us on September 9 for a roundtable discussion: How to engage your sales force and channel partners to drive results!

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How To Choose the Right Social Selling Tools

Right Social Selling Tools

Selecting the right tool may not guarantee Social Selling success, but using the wrong pro tool may spell disaster – for both you and your organization.

In theory, tools are supposed to make our life as a social seller easier.

The right tool can increase our productivity through automation by freeing time that was previously spent on mundane, repetitive tasks.

The right tool can gather essential information in a faster and more efficient manner.

But what are the criteria for choosing a pro tool? Here are 6 fundamental questions I consider when evaluating a new pro tool for our team:

Does it Solve the Problem

Full disclosure: I have a strong affinity for shiny new objects, but that type of thinking will distract you from your purpose. The only KPIs that matter when selecting pro tools: 1) What am I trying to accomplish? and 2) What problem does this tool solve for me beyond the obvious fact that it saves me time? Unless automation is your sole objective, dig deeper.

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Social Selling Success Story: Steven Jackson & The 5X Phenomenon!

Another day, another social selling success story…right?Steve Jackson

Not quite my friends. Steven Jackson takes things to a whole new level. Steven and I had a virtual meeting of the minds recently and it’s evident that he takes social selling very seriously.

Watch the video here to learn how Steve is using social selling to 5X his pipeline!