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6 Social Selling Books On Our Amazon Wish List

Whether you’re a pro at social selling or you’re new to the concept, it’s always a good idea to explore new resources to continually grow. Here is a collection of social selling books that we’ve recently read or that are our reading/wish list. To ensure that all the books are still relevant, I’ve only listed the ones published in 2014.

Social Selling Books

The 30 Year Paycheck: Destruction and Redemption in Corporate America Paperback

By Sander Biehn

The 30 Year Paycheck delves into what makes corporate America so demeaning and why employees put up with it. Indoctrinated into a career filled with fear and command-and-control structures, the narrator faces a huge personal toll while trying to remain employed, raise a family and save for an ever distant retirement. However, by better understanding himself and his own goals and gifts, he strives to avoid being trapped by the 30 year paycheck.

Watch our interview with Sander Biehn here.

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Predictive Sales Analytics Are BLOWING MY MIND!

Predictive Sales Analytics

Predictive analytics are taking sales measurement to a whole new level.

We were running our CRM just like everyone else. We used “Stage” and “Probability” to guesstimate our sales pipeline. Sure, we were pretty solid at keeping important statistics like Opportunity Source and Dates for each change in the buying process, but we hadn’t taken it seriously until Kevin Thomas Tully on our team suggested we move to a Predictive Sales Analytics model.

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3 Webinar Creation Tips From To Skyrocket Leads

Webinar Success

Follow these 3 webinar tips and your webinars will start generating leads in no time.

Since embarking into Social Selling full-time in 2011, I’ve had some great mentors. One of these mentors is Ken Krogue at who has built a lead generation machine that 99% of companies could only dream of.

We’ve built ebooks and webinars together, and the effectiveness of the webinars always blows my mind. The team in Utah are like an army of mad scientists cracking the code on lead gen. Here are 3 tips to creating a successful webinar.

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Social Selling Myths Busted: No Talking Required (Video)

Social Media Myths

Social selling myth #1: You’ll get purchase orders in 140 characters because talking isn’t necessary anymore.

In this series of off-and-on posts, I’m going to expose some of the myths that are being falsely spread in the marketplace about social selling. I’m not accusing anyone of doing it maliciously but it’s quite obvious that the old powers, the status quo folks, and even some so-called “new school gurus” are DEAD WRONG on many issues.

Today I start with the HUGE fallacy of not needing to talk to customers.

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The 30 Year Paycheck: It’s Redemption Time (Video)

Social Series

Are you in your job for the paycheck or the adventure?

This blog is definitely one of my favorites. I had the opportunity to interview Sander Biehn about his new work, “The 30 Year Paycheck: Destruction and Redemption in Corporate America”.

For those that don’t know Sander, he is a superstar who has closed millions of dollars in revenue by using social selling techniques during his sales process. He is now a newly minted author who offers a fresh perspective on a topic that affects us all.

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5 Free Social Selling eBooks You Shouldn’t Miss

Social Selling Guides

Getting started with social selling can be challenging if you’ve only been exposed to traditional sales methods, such as cold calling. Luckily, there are many free online resources to help you learn the basics of key social media tools like Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as more advanced sales tools, and how to strategically combine these tools with sales.

Here are five free guides from Sales for Life to help you begin your journey into social selling.