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My First 3 Months as a Social Seller: $39,500 in New Business

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This post is a follow up to an early post I made at the start of my tenure at Sales for Life called My First 2 Weeks as a Social Seller: 500% More LinkedIn Profile Views. I thought it would be helpful for everyone if I documented how my massive increase in Social Selling activity has translated into dollars and cents.

Since completing Sales for Life’s Social Selling Mastery training my social networks have expanded exponentially. In the last 3 months I have added 600+ contacts to my LinkedIn network and 200+ connections to Twitter network, many of whom fall within our target market.

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#S4LSocial: And Here’s the Pitch…

Social Selling With Twitter

You’re invited to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at a Major League Baseball game. How do you prepare for the moment when a crowded stadium is watching you?

Some people, even those with prior baseball experience, will crumble under the pressure.

What should be a routine act – throwing a baseball 60 feet – morphs into an embarrassing situation where the ball sails over the catcher, or worse yet, falls woefully short and rolls meekly towards home plate.

Others rise to the challenge and deliver the pitch right over the plate, like they’ve been playing the game their whole lives – even if they haven’t.

The difference? Preparation and practice.