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LinkedIn Is YOUR Digital Business Card (Video)


How are you using LinkedIn today?

Are you only connecting with people you know really well? Sure, that’s a good strategy. But do you hand out business cards to people you ONLY know really well, also? Of course not!

So why is it that some people are using LinkedIn like a closed-off rolodex? This is completely counter-intuitive to the real spirit of what the world’s largest professional network is about. The exchange of ideas and collaboration are the real tenets of any social media platform.

And LinkedIn is no different. Think about the awesome ability to have your words and ideas reach places they’ve never gone before. Imagine my friends… just think and imagine.

Watch this quick video to learn more.

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#S4LSocial: Be the Buyer

Social Selling With TwitterIn every transaction, there is a buyer and a seller. Who would you rather be?

There is a quantum shift in the way buyers and sellers communicate.

Gone are the days of information asymmetry, outdated sales transactions where one party (usually the salesperson) has more or better information than the other (i.e., the buyer).

Today’s buyer is better informed and better educated about your product or solution before s/he contacts you, the sales professional.

Statistics show that the buyer’s journey can be as much as 90 percent completed before s/he ever thinks about interacting with a sales person.

And for sales professionals, who crave complete control of the buying process, this is a frightening concept.