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Branding: Your New Extra-Curricular Activity (Video)


Cultivating relationships with colleagues is important, but don’t forget about investing in personal branding and buyer relationships.

All hail the Happy Hour!

We’ve all worked for companies where we invest a lot of time in building and nurturing relationships with colleagues, peers, managers, executives and the like. A lot of these extra-curricular activities take place outside of work hours.

If you’re a B2B sales professional, you might be involved in going out for dinners, happy hours, joining sports teams, and so on. While this is a great way to spend time, we forget that we can also invest time in buyer relationships.

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#S4LSocial: Are You Content With Your Content?

Social Selling With TwitterWhy does sales need content marketing, and how do you determine if your content/messaging is working for you?

At Sales for Life, we constantly teach sales professionals about providing value to potential prospects and buyers during all stages of their buying journey.