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Social Content Marketing – 3X Web Traffic and Leads By Optimizing it (Video)

Social Content Sharing

Amplify the reach of your content by increasing the frequency of your social content sharing.

Social selling growth stems from content. Now picture accelerating that content beyond what you THINK is a comfortable amount. We, at Sales for Life did this, and 3X our leads in 30 days!

Sales teams are frustrated by not having enough sales leads. If they only knew that social content, sharing with volume, frequency and most importantly GREAT QUALITY will amplify leads!

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Qualify Hard and Sell Soft (Video)

Qualify Hard & Sell Soft

Increase the odds of finding qualified prospects by using social selling tools to listen to potential buyers.

Have you heard that saying before? I heard it from my friend Rob Thomas recently as he described the benefits and advantages of buyers qualifying themselves.

As sales professionals, one of your hardest tasks is to make sure that the people who express interest in your products and services are in fact ready to purchase in a reasonable timeframe. This is why the sales “funnel” description is so accurate; many leads at the top amount to a trickle of closed deals at the bottom.

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#S4LSocial: Optimizing LinkedIn

Cold Calling

Although the business card has yet to disappear, your LinkedIn profile serves as the de facto digital paper equivalent.

What does your LinkedIn profile say about you? More importantly, what does it say to your buyers?

If your target buyer persona acts like a vampire exposed to sunlight at the sight of your profile, it’s time for a change.

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Do You Have Permission to Pitch? (Video)

Do we wait around for permission slips to pitch? Of course not!

Whatever you do in life, you do it largely because it’ll help and benefit you.

When we cold call, our main goal is very simple to understand. No fancy math or special PhDs are required. We have something to sell, we try to convince the person on the phone of its value, and proceed to close a next step (whether that’s a meeting, demo time, or closing a sale).

I don’t foresee this changing anytime soon.

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How Should Sales Professionals Order Their LinkedIn Profiles?

LinkedIn Profiles

During a recent social selling discussion with subject matter experts, I asked, “How should a sales professional order the sections of their LinkedIn profile to be optimized for prospects?”

I was a little shocked to find that all of the answers I received were rather vague. Everyone agreed that you should put the most valuable information for your prospects first, but no one went further to suggest an order that the many sections of a profile should appear in. The lack of satisfaction I received from these vague answers prompted me to do a little research of my own.

Naturally my first thought was to turn to Google. I found many blogs that touched on the subject, but was once again surprised to find a lack of actionable specifics that had been documented by community of social content creators.

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Are You Waiting to be Picked, Or Will You Pick Yourself? (Video)

Pick Yourself

When it comes to sales, one of the greatest moves we can make is to stop waiting for permission and to pick yourself to get things done ourselves.

This blog is inspired by a video I saw of Seth Godin (watch it here).

If you think that this topic doesn’t have any relevance or have anything to do with you in particular, you’d be dead wrong. This has everything to do with what you do, how you do it, when you do it and has drastic implications on the direction of your career.

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Social Selling Success Story: How Keith Gill Has Become an SEO Machine in Telecom

Keith GillA few weeks ago, we wrote a blog about a sales rep getting onto the 1st page of Google in 30 days, all by using LinkedIn.

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Keith Gill at Copper State Communications. He JUST GETS IT! Social Selling will forever be in his DNA and he’s an SEO machine.

See why he’s so committed to social selling in the video below.

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Ignore & Avoid Social Selling at Your Peril!

Social SellerSocial selling is here to stay. If you ignore or avoid facing this reality, you’ll ultimately be punished.

We’re bombarded with so much information these days. One of the skills you need to develop and have in your toolkit is the ability to determine value from clutter. Would you agree that the mind of a sharp individual today is about evaluating choices and options quickly?

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The Social Selling Full Monty (Video)

Social SellerLights, camera, action! All eyes are on you. It’s time to go full monty!

Welcome to living the sales life on the razor’s edge. Now that you’re on social media, you’re going to have people looking at you. You can’t avoid it.

Are you ready for criticism? It’s going to be coming from prospects and buyers. Are you ready for peers and colleagues to criticize you? How about industry insiders and people who are going to look at you like you’re too naïve, like you just don’t know what the heck you’re talking about? This isn’t a game!

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Tony Hsieh of Zappos Would be the Ultimate Social Seller

ZapposI’ve just finished listening to Tony Hsieh’s book Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose, and it’s been transformational.

Our business is growing like a wildfire. With that growth, comes the need to better define our company’s core values, culture and higher purpose.

As I was listening to the book, all I could think about is how Tony’s mantra and approach to business is so similar to social selling best practices. Here is a business leader that was sharing, innovating and bringing unparalleled value – BEFORE SOCIAL SELLING. At the tail end of the book, he does talk about Twitter as a great sounding board for their business.

However, deep into Tony’s business core was not just the act of using Twitter and encouraging his entire staff to use Twitter as well, but a foundational framework to social selling success.