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#S4LSocial: Social Selling with Twitter

Social Selling With Twitter

With more than 500 million tweets sent each day from an average active monthly user base of 250 million people, Twitter can seem a bit daunting, even for long-time users.

But, as the largest source of third-party content in the world, can you afford NOT to join the party?

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Attention Sales Reps: Buyers are Going Social! (Video)

Attention Sales Reps: Buyers are Going Social!

Listen up sales reps! Our buyers are going social. There is now emerging evidence of the power of social media in the buying world.

Buyers that use social media to their advantage tend to have greater influence, larger purchasing budgets, and buy more order-for-order against their non-social peers.

Below, I talk more about the data that backs this up and consequences of avoiding social selling.