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Caveat Venditor: Up the Creek First Class with No Paddle

Caveat venditor means “we’re doomed”. At least those of us in the sales profession that continue to work the status quo while holding on for dear life. Employers who insist on doing things the same way are doomed too.

The term caveat venditor means “seller beware” in Latin. It’s a term used by Daniel Pink in his incredible work, To Sell Is Human, that describes how most of us today are going to be forced into some kind of position in sales.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll all be quota-carrying sales reps, but it does mean that while the world economy creates more and more small businesses, we’ll all be required to sell (at least a little).

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How to Thrive in the New Connection Economy

New Connection EconomyAs of late, I’ve been really fascinated with the new connection economy, a subject that makes complete sense to me because it’s all around us.

If you take a closer look, you’ll see it too. People are starting to revolt against the norm – they want to learn their own way on their own schedule. And this includes our buyers, not just us.

Social selling makes intuitive sense because the buyer has fundamentally changed. Access to information is the core reason. What can you do to start tapping into this new reality? Before we look at what you can do, we should first look at what should you be.