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In The New Economy, Everyone Is In Sales

Everyone is in SalesThe rules of the ‘new economy’ extend far beyond traditional sales roles. Today, regardless of what you used to do, it’s important to accept that everyone is in sales.

The new economy (a subject Seth Godin loves to talk about) is moving at speeds and in directions that none of us are accustomed to. We’ve never been trained for this. There is no handbook, no guide and no map to tell us where to go. The predictability and stability we’re accustomed to has vanished.

Chances are that the ones who persist are the ones who will end up writing the rules to the new economy. Which means sales is now going to become a lot more important.

Yes folks, that dreaded profession (or last resort of a so-called profession, as society teaches us) is going to be the foundation of what you’ll need to be successful.