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5 Important Tips When Using LinkedIn Groups

As a sales professional, if you’re not participating in LinkedIn Groups, you’re missing an incredible opportunity to learn, share, build rapport and oh did I forget, build your pipeline. Although building pipeline isn’t something that’s done so overtly, it’s a natural by-product of creating value and giving first.

LinkedIn Virtual Group

There are countless ways of participating in LinkedIn Groups and here is a high-level view of how to get started if you’re not doing so already.

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Put Management In The Hotseat

Office Chair on Fire3 Must-Ask Questions that Every Sales Professional Should Ask Management

With 2014 upon us, many people are experiencing promotions, lateral moves into different sales roles, and some are even exploring new opportunities in different companies. Irrespective of reason and requirement, not all companies are built the same. You’ll want to nudge, probe and ask questions to your sales leadership and management that makes them a little uncomfortable.