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No Thanks, We’ve Got Social Selling Nailed

No ThanksNo question that Social Selling is to the Digital Age what Solution Selling was to Y2K (remember that one). Field organizations are flocking to tools like Hootsuite, Hubspot, feedly, LinkedIn, Twitter, and a few hundred other social outlets online. All in their ongoing quest to get in front of more customers, more frequently, with more tailored options, to drive more revenue. It is a game of gains.

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How do you communicate?

How to CommunicateDo you drag on and on and rarely make a solid point? Do you talk too much and ask too few questions? How do you communicate? Perhaps an unfortunate truth, as much as we preach the fortunes of social selling, you still need to be a brilliant communicator regardless of your profession. This is certainly the case if you are in sales. Don’t forget you need to also be an effective communicator in all channels too. You need to learn how to speak clearly on command, and most importantly these days, you need to be brief.