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6 Months, 14 New Clients, Social Selling – No Excuses!

No Excuses

If I had a nickel for every time I heard the below excuses….

  • I’d love to read that book but I just don’t have any time.
  • I wish I knew product X the same way Jim does. How does he do it?
  • I’d like to find new clients but I’m just too busy to make any cold calls.
  • My quota is way too high and I don’t have enough sales opportunities in my pipe to hit my numbers.

Stop the excuses!!! Why you might ask? It’s because I know first hand how social selling can work for busy sales people. Let’s take my business Partner Jamie Shanks as an example. If you thought your life was busy check out his life:

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Q&A – Social Selling in 60 Seconds

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Baby Steps for Social Proximity

Q & A – Social Selling in 60 Seconds

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Video a Must for Communications and Marketing

Video Conferencing

When we started working with Tata Communications, I was a little nervous. They only like to do one type of communication – VIDEO. I don’t mean Skype; no, they have half-mooned video conferencing rooms that are so high-tech, you feel like you could reach out and grab the other attendees’ lunch! We had simultaneous calls in Montreal, India, San Fransisco & Europe, as easy as a normal board meeting.

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3 Tips on Becoming a Sales Hacker

Sales Hacker
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Top 10 Customer Centric Calls to Action

Calls to Action

Within the mechanics of marketing communication, we have proven time and time again that a good Call to Action can often be exactly what is needed to sway an individual’s thinking, what they are feeling, and most importantly what they are doing. Additionally, there’s lots of irrelevant qualitative advice out there for Sales Professionals like “be more empathetic”, or “do this”, or “don’t do that”.

It is bothersome to me that, more often than not, the advice comes without specifics. I have always found myself walking out of training sessions asking myself, “Yeah, but how do I do it?”
“What exactly should I say?” or “What exactly do I do?”

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Get Inside Your Buyer’s Mind

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