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Are Marketing People Academic, Paper-Pushers, and Irrelevant?

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The Four Somethings of Social Selling

Wedding BluesThe Keys to Securing Your Customers’ Hearts, Time, and Attention

With its origins rooted deep in English folklore, the “four somethings” of marriage is an adage I was reminded of recently as I passed another milestone wedding anniversary. I’m assuming you’re familiar- something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. That’s what you’re supposed to have to secure your partner’s hand in marriage. A standard set of gates created to ensure the union was going to be worth it.

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Lessons From Obama on Social Selling

Barack Obama

Whether you like President Obama is your opinion. But like him or not, the man is a social media powerhouse. Companies, sales and marketing professionals can all learn a thing or three from the man with 36,444,352 likes on Facebook (I’m serious, that’s how many people follow Barack Obama on Facebook…and counting). If JFK was the President that dominated and worked television like no other before him, Obama is his equal in the world of social media.

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Should I Connect With Prospects That Review My LinkedIn Profile?

Q & A – Social Selling in 60 seconds

“I have people that I don’t know checking out my LinkedIn profile. Many of them look like great prospects. Should I connect, and what should I say?”