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5 Ways That Twitter Can Help Your Business

This video quickly highlights 5 ways that using Twitter can help your business.

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Sharing Content? Follow These 3 Rules

Sharing Content

As you wade into the waters of Social Selling, you will be sharing content about your company’s products and services. Sharing information is liberating, scary, but more than anything, fun. It will allow you to express your thoughts while gradually taking more of a leadership position online. This is your goal, and the journey to get there will take a while.

As your content becomes shared, liked and commented on, remember to keep the following fundamental rules in mind. Follow these and bypass the obstacles the rest of us had to face and learn about the hard way.

Implement these best practices today as you enter into the world of Social Selling.

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It’s All About ABC ABE (Always be Enhancing)

Abc Cubes Pyramide

Every sales professional wants to do one thing. That’s pretty darn obvious. But when the goal of the sales professional and the prospect do not meet, massive friction is created. Like it or not, the sales profession, and sales professionals in turn, have a grungy rep. I’m not going to pass judgement or ponder on how right or wrong this is (let’s save that for a future discussion).

It’s really not the fault of anyone necessarily. I chalk it up to unfortunate timing. The traditional way of selling does not allow us to know where particular buyers are along their journey. Imagine selling computers for a living and calling a CIO who just did a roll out across the board. You were 1 month too late to the dance. Sounds familiar, right? It’s not your fault. How could you have known? You were just going about your business and cold calling everyone in your territory.

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The Only Constant is Change

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Mention Influencers to Grow your Network in LinkedIn

Grow Your Network

One of the best ways to increase social engagement and grow your LinkedIn Connections is leveraging Influencers. Influencers are the trusted voices (i.e. my buyers are VP of Sales, thus my Influencer is Guy Kawasaki) that help shape your potential buyers’ ideas/opinions.

To this point, Twitter has been a great tool to notify an Influencer that you’ve shared their content and/or mentioned them in a message. Now, the most powerful & engaging B2B tool (LinkedIn) offers you the same opportunity.

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Sales Development: Information Fire Hose

Quick Recap of my experience at #salesummit.
Inside Sales Summit – 62 Sales Experts, Featuring 11 Sales Authors. One Amazing Day (June 20th, 2013)

  • Best Selling Sales Authors
  • Fortune 500 Executives
  • Top Industry Leaders

Thought I would try something new for a change, so on June 20th, 2013, I spent the day in professional development at the Inside Sales Virtual Summit presented by Despite having many higher priority tasks in front of me, there were a few reasons I elected to participate: