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Is Social Selling the “Soup Du Jour” or a Sales Evolution?

I’ve been in sales for the last decade (since the dot com bubble of 2000). I’ve seen the inside of at least 500+ sales organizations. There are so many sales models – some were fads, some just didn’t work, but the best ride the wave of evolution.

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Webinar Horsepower: “Co-op”etition & Panels to Skyrocket Your Attendees

Webinars are supposed to be an amazing tool to help buyers evaluate solutions to their problems. Depending on the subject of your webinar, the attendees could be at the earliest stage of the buying process or even at the vendor selection stage.

Unfortunately, most companies look at their webinars as “a nice try”, but providing only modest success. Their registrations are 50, 100, maybe even 200 – but it’s the same people and not enough to fuel your lead generation fire.