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Your Prospects LinkedIn Profile Has Changed. What Does That Mean For Your Prospecting Efforts?

The new LinkedIn profile has a wealth of information you can take advantage of to drive business opportunities. Watch this video to see how.

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Sales Kick-off Research – What Does Your Sales Team Want?

During the holiday season, Vorsight had completed a survey to analyze the importance of sales kick-offs. Before we dive into what these means for sales leaders, give this a quick read – Vorsight Sales Kick-Off Research

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Why Aren’t Prospects Returning My Calls?

So you’ve been trying to track down that dream “future client” – you call, email, voicemail, call, email, voicemail… nothing? What is going on? Are all the decision-makers at some secret tradeshow…for weeks at the same time?

You have most likely felt this before. You begin questioning your product, the market, and of course… YOURSELF. There is nothing more demoralizing than felling in limbo. You’d almost rather a NO, just so you can get into a conversation as to “why no?”

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Stop Your Excuses – Meet a New Sales Rep “Social Selling Rockstar”

You’re a new sales rep. Ok, I understand you have a lot on your plate, and I realize you’re not a “subject matter expert”… YET. Don’t give me the excuse that Social Selling success doesn’t apply to you, because you’re new (or because you’re just an employee). It’s a lame excuse.

Meet Julian Rocco, the newest sales edition to our client Cision Canada.