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Social Selling Wish List for 2013

We all have a sales wish list. Mine is to stop time for about two weeks, get our “To Do” list cleared up, and turn the engine back on. It seems no matter how many tasks I accomplish on our “To Do” list, 5 more tasks get added on. Unfortunately, this is not possible, so I need to make time whenever possible. You have a wish list for next year as well (other than making your numbers). Wish lists often look like a “Keys to Success” plan. If you had these items accomplished, you’ll have a banner year.

Blog Demand Generation Sales 2.0 Social Selling

Jamie Shanks’ – Top 10 Social Selling Influencers

The sales leaders that have influenced our Social Selling success are not all Social Selling “subject matter experts” themselves. I’ve found I’m less inspired from “LinkedIn trainers”, and can’t get enough from sales experts with amazing sales techniques. My job is to translate these ideas into LinkedIn & Twitter best practices. The top Social Sellers realize that these tools are merely an extension of their EXISTING sales process. We at Sales for Life have taken their great ideas and spun them into a Social Selling process.

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The “like” That Generated a 2 ½ Year Client Engagement

Sales professionals are constantly asking “what is the best way to get a prospects attention on LinkedIn & Twitter”? There is no one answer, as there are dozens of examples I can give. However, I thought I’d highlight our most profitable Social Selling touch-point I’ve ever made.

In August 2011, I was on LinkedIn reviewing Profile Updates when a past business acquaintance, Terry Foster changed his profile status to “Current Title – President, Cision Canada”. As any good sales leader should, I used this opportunity to congratulate Terry on his new role. I clicked “Like” and commented “Congratulations on your new role, as you grow your sales team, don’t hesitate to reach out”. This was a simple gesture that changed the course of my business forever.