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Are 20% of Your Emails Turning Into Next steps? LinkedIn Does!


Open your Outlook and count all the emails you sent to new prospects this week.Let me guess, you didn’t receive 1 of 5 emails returned back to you with next steps.

Why is that? Because email is the black hole! If your sales team still thinks emailing new prospects is going to stand-out – good luck. Your reps and 7 of your competitors thought emailing your prospect today was also a good idea.

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Power Down 1 Day Every Week – and Watch Productivity Soar!

Off the Grid

My Power Down Process

This has been one of the few pieces of advice I’ve adhered to since starting a business 3 years ago. The rule is very simple, take 1 day every week, and go off the grid. I mean like off the Matrix – not even that evil guy with the grey suit from the movie could find you. You need to treat 1 day of every week like you’re retired, unemployed or a back-packer – however you want to image it.

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The Sales Reps Dilemma – Absolute Focus, or Jump on New Opportunities?

new opportunities

Categorize this right under Time Management – but I would say that just about every sales rep struggles with this dilemma. Whether it’s to diversify services, verticals, geographic territories, and accounts within a territory – sales reps are always anxious of “what could be”. Sales reps ask themselves this very question – “Should I keep pounding away at what I’m doing, or try something new?”

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Hot New Sales 2.0 Tools – TimeTrade

We at Sales for Life enjoy coming across new Sales 2.0 Tools, and have recently fallen in love with TimeTrade.This tool absolutely SHORTENS the sales cycle. Clients and prospects can see your availability in real-time to drive a next step.