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5 Sales Metrics Your Team is NOT Measuring – But MUST!


Your Sales Team Needs to Have Visibility Into 3 Fundamentals

1. Volume

This is basic and nearly every sales organization has monitored & analyzed a portion of their sales volumes

  • # of Opportunities created/month
  • # of clients won/month

Volumes measurements are more advanced once you think like a Sales 2.0 organization. If this were a ski run, these are your BLUE runs, the baseline for the mountains terrain.

2. Probability

Welcome to your BLACK DIAMOND run – understanding the percentage chance of winning, losing and positive momentum. Nearly any leading CRM will help you understand:

  • % chance of winning your proposal
  • % of discovery meetings-to-proposals ratio

3. Velocity

The utopia – a DOUBLE BLACK DIAMOND mogul course; your eyes get ambitious, but your legs freeze with the possibility of the punishment. Velocity is not just the “Opportunity – Average Days Open” report defaulting in, its analyzing timelines that help you understand the break-even point between high % ROI and diminishing ROI.

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Reduce Cost-Per-Lead & Increase ROI – Linkedin InMail

Cold Calling Job Posts

I’ll put this as politely as possible – any company interested in driving new business, that is NOT using Linkedin, is marketing from the Stone Age! Linkedin is becoming the world’s most powerful database of business professionals (sorry It’s nearly impossible for to compete with Linkedin for data quality long-term as people are apt to keep their Linkedin profile accurate to the DAY. is refreshed monthly at best, most likely quarterly.