Beyond LinkedIn: The Absolute Social Selling Ecosystem [Infographic]

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

The term Social Selling usually drums up the thoughts of just LinkedIn tips and features (e.g. LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Trigger Selling, InMails, groups, etc). However there’s a bigger picture to successful Social Selling, it incorporates a lot more in an organization such as different platforms and strategies like marketing alignment, CRM integration, and measurement tactics.

Is your company really Social Selling? How do you ensure that your team adopts a successful Social Selling routine? Is it just about sales? Can you even tie Social Selling to ROI and revenue?

Check out the infographic below which illustrates the different elements needed for a successful Social Selling program. It’s a starting point to ultimately transform your business.

The Absolute Social Selling Ecosystem

For an in-depth read on how to successfully implement Social Selling in your company, check out The Executive’s Guide to Social Selling Success.

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The Ultimate Guide to Social Selling