15 Insights That Prove The Value Of Social Selling [Infographic]

Sales for Life Admin
Sales for Life Admin

Value Of Social Selling

When it comes to early engagement in the buying journey, social media has become increasingly relevant as a way to reach B2B buyers. The stats say it all: 79% of sales people who use social media outsell their peers, and 72% of B2B buyers used social media to research their purchase decision. This latest infographic we’ve curated from Salesstaff outlines 15 insightful statistics and 6 quotes from experts such as Seth Godin, Jim Keenan, Jeff Simmons and Jill Rowley.

The detailed infographic may clear you the value of social selling and to start with social selling browse here the ultimate guide to social selling.

B2B Social Selling Infographic

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The Ultimate Guide to Social Selling